Original Shipibo Kene - Shipping Included - Antiguo Pattern

Original Shipibo Kene - Shipping Included - Antiguo Pattern

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Shipibo artisans are known for depicting their ayahuasca based cosmology in the intricate designs of their luminous fabrics. We are proud to work and collaborate with authentic Shipibo designs and patterns inspired by ayahuasca visions and songs. These sacred geometric patterns are songs, prayers and blessings used to protect and armor the Body & the Spirit!

This style of Shipibo textile is a hand woven fabric with hand embroidery all over it. Collectors item. 14.5 x 12 inches

These are all one of a kind pieces. Hand Embroidered by one of San Francisco De Yarinacocha's finest hand crafters. Passing lineage and culture down from generation to generation in these textiles. Fair Trade

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